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cantsharethem's Journal

Gwen Cooper >> all these things that change in me.
15 February 1986
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Gwen, not Sweetheart.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket "I had a good job before this. I thought in a year or two, perhaps a baby, I know Rhys would be a good dad, and I could try for desk sergeant, and... Well, it was all sorting into place. And then I met you lot. All these things... all these things that change in me. Changing how I see the world. And I can't share them with anyone."

My names Gwen Cooper and I'm 29 years old. I live in Cardiff and work for Torchwood. I can't really say much else about my job other then I can't see myself working any other job since I worked at Torchwood.

You can find me at whack_a_muse, muses_inthesack and oncoming_storms. If you'd like to get a hold of me just message me on AIM. My aim is cantsharethem.

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[ OOC note: I am not Gwen Cooper nor am I Eve Myles. I do not have any affiliation or connection to her. I have no connection with the show Torchwood created by Russell T Davies. I am not trying to make any profit here, this journal is purely for fun and entertainment. Nothing here is to be taken seriously. This journal may contain spoilers and adult themes. Gwen is played by adistantshadow and can be reached on AIM at bad x woif or for in character contact on aim at cantsharethem ]

Gwen journal on IJ is stubbornashell

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